About Aria Giovanni

Origional Biography Source: here.

Origin: Italian, French Yugoslavian
DOB: November 3, 1977
Measurements: 34D-25-35
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 124
Eyes: Brown
Dress Size: 7
Shoe Size: 8

Aria Giovanni’s followers, you have come to the right place. This site was constructed as praise to the beautiful Italian princess that goes by the name of Aria Giovanni, and who by all standards does not appear to be from this world. The unearthly beauty, elegance and grace she possesses are evident after a first look, and it is of no surprise how quickly Aria’s career has skyrocketed.

One almost cannot find a right place to start describing this woman. It is so easy to be completely hypnotized by any part of her body, be it getting lost deep into her eyes, imagining her long legs wrapped around one’s neck or wandering what would it feel to touch those voluptuous breasts. Indeed, if there is such thing as love at first sight, then we all have experienced it when seeing Aria Giovanni for the first time.

At least the Playboy Editor Bob Guicionne did, which is what launched Aria’s career. Immediately after seeing her photographs, while on his way to shoot another girl for the cover of the magazine, he turned around and basically said “I want her”. The becoming of a second most searched girl on the Internet is history. Aria’s career skyrocketed so fast, probably never seen before in the world of adult entertainment .

Yet again we encounter a typical “ugly ducking becoming a swan” story – a statement apparently claimed by so many of today’s beautiful women, One starts to judge the exact way this mother nature works after hearing Aria say “Finding clothes that would fit me was a real problem, too. Dresses that fitted my breasts hung on the rest of me like an empty sack. My tits burst out of dresses that fitted my waist. At least I didn’t have the problem of finding a prom dress – no one asked me!” Today she evidently would not have any problems getting a date – one captivated lucky fan recently won a $3000 web auction chaperon date with Aria.

Her physical appearance was already creating a strong fan base during her work on mostly amateur sites such are Amateur Pink, Busty-Amateurs, and Seductive Amateurs. It was her very good friend, Penthouse Pet Amy Sweet that took Aria to probably most famous centerfolds photographer – Suzy Randal. It took only a couple of warm up sets for Aria to get comfortable with glamour photography. Then Suze shot her centerfold pictures for the Penthous magazine. Suze is known as one of the most demanding glamour photographers. As Aria says: “Although Glamour is a lot more work due to the hours of sitting still for makeup and hair, trying on countless outfits, standing in awkward and uncomfortable shoes, maintaining certain poses for long periods of time, being under hot lights and sometimes out in extreme weather, long days etc. It is all worth the end product.” It is this moment that will change her career forever and make the name Aria Giovanni recognized worldwide.

Aria Giovanni, the sex goddesses of the century, possess that sheer natural beauty that is rarely encountered, and every inch of her body is natural. Her nationality is Italian, as if one could not notice, but perhaps the added American Indian, Yugoslavian and French heritage make her so exquisite.

She enjoys cooking, especially Italian, gardening and has over ten pets. Besides her busy modeling work, she is still a simple, down to earth homebody who enjoys drinking a glass of wine and just curling up with a book. She hopes to get her degree in Biochemistry one day and wants to work in a “cancer and/or genetics research lab.” It is of no wander that Aria got a microscope for her sixth birthday and a chemistry set for the seventh. She was always excelling in school, skipping Sophmore year of high school and starting Junior year at the young age of 14. She started college full-time at 16. With a full coursework, she needed an opportunity to earn some extra money. That is what got her modeling for amatuer sites where she met Amy Sweet. Rest, as they say, is history.


I always did real well in school, excelling in Math and Science. I skipped my Sophmore year of high school and started my Junior year at 14. I took my first college class at 15 and graduated high school and started college full-time at 16. I did three years at the local Junior College. I took a year off and drove to New York in which I stayed for five months. I drove back west and landed in San Diego.

Today she loves with her boyfriend John from the band Maryln Manson , and hopes to raise a family soon.